Why Your Android Device Needs a Strong Password

So many users reached out to ask us what we thought about the constant request for strong passwords, what this meant and just how they could create one. Check out everything below to fully understand how to better protect your device by simply spending time understanding how this can be beneficial.

The easiest way to protect your Android device is to use a strong password. A strong password for your device, and strong passwords for all the apps you use on your device. By doing so, you protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud. 

In fact, one of the fastest ways hackers can break into any of your devices and access information and data is by guessing your passwords. If you’ve ever wondered why certain websites and apps suggest you use complicated (any kind of annoying) passwords, here’s why. 

Importance of a Strong Password

The longer and more complex, the better. This will require the hacker to spend more time and effort to guess. Resist the temptation to repeat passwords or use a simple password that’s easy for you to remember. Even though it may be more tedious, it pays off in the grand scheme of things. Diversifying password length and the number of passwords you use across all of your accounts will mitigate the chances of your accounts being hacked. 

How to Create a Strong Password

Here are a few best practices you really should take note of to make sure your password is strong and extremely hard to crack: 

Additional Password Security Tips

Creating great, strong passwords is an important practice to have, however, you also really have to safeguard those passwords. Here are a few other golden nuggets of advice to further protect yourself online.

Now, this may seem common knowledge but you should never share passwords with anyone you know or save them to your computer. The only person that should know what your password is, is you. However, it’s highly recommended you use a secure password manager – that’s password-protected of course. 

Also, you should try your best to use only websites and apps that are encrypted. By using encrypted messaging and social platforms, you ensure that you’re the only person with access to your data – not even the developer can view your online activity. 

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