The Most Secure Photo Vault App [2020]

Looking for the most private & secure photo vault app? Look no further than Cover. With Cover, photos, videos, documents and other files are untouchable. Not to mention, your device will be safe work 24/7.

Cover automatically locks your photos and videos in an encrypted vault that you can password protect with a PIN or fingerprint authentication. It’s unparalleled encrypted storage will ensure that whatever you decide to lock away is only seen by you and you alone. 

Automatic Protection

Because Cover runs in the background of your device usage, any sensitive photos or videos will automatically be moved to a private vault. Which ultimately makes your device safe for work all the time! No need to worry about your kids, family, or friends accidentally viewing something you don’t necessarily want them to view.

Our proprietary Auto-Hide Technology is what makes Cover unique and completely different than all of the other photo vault available on the app store.

Smart Notifications

Cover will alert you once questionable content is caught by the AI. We know being discreet is important, which is why we made our smart notifications exactly that. Smart notifications are subtle and will alert you immediately so you never run the risk of accidentally storing that material on your device.

Messaging Blocking 

Cover was developed with unsolicited d*ck pics in mind. If you’re sick of receiving photos you didn’t ask for, Cover is here for you. 

All you need to do is download the app, and it’ll get straight to work for you. If someone does send you an inappropriate photo, Cover will automatically block, or cover, the photo by blurring out the image. It’ll sensor the photo or video before you even get the chance to look at it.

How it Works

Cover’s advanced image recognition algorithm automatically scans your device for inappropriate images & videos and secures them in an encrypted vault. 

Real-time protection means that Cover runs 24/7 and hides sensitive photos in your secure gallery, keeping your phone “family friendly” and your pictures & videos locked away. You’ll never need to worry about someone looking at your photo gallery again.

Cover also has your messages protected. Cover will automatically block or “cover” inappropriate photos sent via Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, and more.

Cover is Available for Free Today!