How to Keep Your Phone Safe from Your Kids

If you have kids who love to use your phone for games, messaging, and YouTube but you also have a few photos or videos that aren’t G-rated, Cover is the kid-proof app you need. You’ll have a protected Android phone 24/7.

Here at Baloota Applications, we know first-hand that kids love exploring on smartphones. However, sometimes that cute curiosity can lead to certain discoveries ー especially when it comes to browsing & looking at photos that are stored on your phone’s photo gallery. This is exactly why we created Cover, a passcode-protected photo vault to help to kid-proof your phone.

How it Works

By using Real-Time Protection, Cover is able to monitor your device 24/7 for any stored or incoming explicit photos or videos. Meaning, the app will immediately block adult content before anyone is able to see it.

The scan runs in the background so you can use your device as normal. To do this, we created the Auto-Hide scanner is used to scan content that is currently on your device & any content that is sent to you. This allows you to control the type of content that is visible in your gallery.

Once Cover detects the explicit image or video, it will move it to your passcode secured photo vault that only you have access to. From there, you can either store the content in your private gallery, or you can delete it entirely off of your device. You also have the option to ‘Uncover’ any of the content that has been blocked. Every feature has been designed to give you full control over your content!

Cover even works in messaging apps! Do your kids sometimes use your phone to text mom or dad? Or even their friends? Cover will ensure any incoming explicit content is detected and blocked before anyone using the phone can view it. This feature is our way of adding an extra layer of precautionary safety measures so you (or your kids) can use your phone with peace of mind.

Keep Your Phone Safe for Work

Walking around with explicit photos or videos on your phone can be risky. but walking around with explicit photos or videos on your phone when you have kids or work in a public environment can be even riskier.

We’d highly recommend using Cover if you find yourself surrounded by many people – or people who may access your device – frequently. Getting caught with inappropriate or explicit content on your device is an uncomfortable experience for both parties. Don’t take that risk when you don’t need to!

You’re better off safe than sorry! Don’t risk your kids, coworkers, friends, etc. looking at something they shouldn’t be looking at.

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