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Best Free VPNs for Android

VPNs are one of the hottest categories of apps in the Google Play Store. There are hundreds of Android VPNs to choose from, but which ones are actually safe to use and will get the job done? In this article, we’ll outline our top picks for highly secure & trusted VPN apps.  What’s a VPN? […]

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What to Know About Cover Photo & Video Vault

Cover is the world’s only photo & video vault that monitors your device for explicit content all day and all night. With state of the art machine learning and security measures built into the app, Cover is also one of the most secure apps to use for storing private content.  Compared to other photo vault […]

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How to Keep Your Phone Safe from Your Kids

If you have kids who love to use your phone for games, messaging, and YouTube but you also have a few photos or videos that aren’t G-rated, Cover is the kid-proof app you need. You’ll have a protected Android phone 24/7. Here at Baloota Applications, we know first-hand that kids love exploring on smartphones. However, […]

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Can People See What I’m Looking Up on My Phone?

If you’re paranoid about people spying on your phone activity, it’s a very reasonable concern. Unfortunately, privacy is becoming more and more of an issue and it is possible that people could look at what’s on your phone. It’s not a surprise that hackers & intruders can access search history, messages, photos & videos, contacts, […]

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8 Messaging Apps that Can Block Explicit Photos

Did you know that with Cover’s Auto-Hide functionality, you can protect your messaging apps from explicit content? With Cover, the ultimate secret photo & video vault, you’ll be able to block adult content and keep your Android device completely clean around the clock. Meaning, the app will automatically detect and hide any explicit content that […]

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